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Veterans Memorial Park will contribute to the continuous riverfront park system that will span the majority of downtown Davenport’s riverfront while integrating access to the Riverfront Trail System including the American Discovery Trail and the Mississippi River Trail, both national recreation trails which traverse the site and the Mississippi River while preserving and celebrating the unique river history that built Davenport.

Mississippi River Trail   American Discovery Trail
The Mississippi River Trail (MRT) and the American Discovery Trail (ADT) are the major North-South and East-West bicycle national recreation trails (respectively) which share a joint route that traverses the entirety of the Veterans Memorial Park site

The memorial and park will be accessible for all patrons, but especially veterans who may have a physical disability or mobility impairment from their service or age.

The park will also:

  • Honor and recognize the contributions of area veterans to this country through their military service today and forever into the future
  • Improve view of and access to the riverfront by residents and visitors as the western bookend of Davenport’s RiverVision plan
  • Demonstrate the ability to environmentally reclaim a decommissioned landfill for public use
  • Provides a unique opportunity and responsibility to steward this land and educate the public about its appropriate use
  • Complement the mission of other Quad City organizations that clean and preserve the Mississippi River, notably Living Lands and Waters and River Action
  • Educate children in our region about this country’s military history and how area residents contributed to that history.

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Site Map

Site Map

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Veterans Memorial Park sign