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Friends of Veterans Memorial Park

Phase II of the VMP upgrade is finally underway.  By the end of the 2022 construction season, we expect to have the River Overlook done, one crushed limestone circular walking path done, the permanent brick paver walk and asphalt connector path from the Flag Pole area to the River Overlook finished, and the concrete bike trail between the River Overlook and the railing along the Mississippi River completed. Go to the Development and Photo sections for progress pictures.

The 8’x40’ Mural, and 14 educational signs to be installed along the walking trail, will be installed in the Spring of 2023.


Illustration of the park, showing plans to add walkways Picture of the Mississippi River Outlook, as seen from above Picture of a banner containing represenations of each branch of the United States armed forces: the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force, and the United States Coast Guard

Thanks to the leadership of Friends of Veterans Memorial Park Committee member, Lyle Peterson, and fellow committee members, Bill Churchill, Scott Pettis, Dave Jones, Myron Lensch, and Wayne Kraft, and with outstanding cooperation from Davenport Parks and Recreation Director Chad Dyson, we made an addition to the Veterans Memorial Park in Davenport, Iowa today , August 13, 2019. We added a "Star Monument" to show our appreciate to those who have made a monetary donation to the Veterans Memorial Park. We will also add a "Donor Sign" listing the names of the donors, and finish the project off with landscaping. When we are totally finished, we will have a press conference, and give public recognition to those who made this possible.

Star Memorial Star Memorial Star Memorial

Donor Sign Donor Sign Donor Sign

Bush Construction

Update: AJ Loss, President of Bush Construction has agreed to have his company Bush Construction, take over the General Contractor responsibilities for the next phase of our project. They will donate over $215,000 worth of services.

Graphic showing the plan for Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park will sit on 43 acres at 240 S. Marquette Street on the banks of the Mississippi River at the western edge of Downtown Davenport, Iowa in Scott County.

Overview of a map of Davenport showing the location of Veterans Memorial Park

When completed, this park will serve as the first and only public memorial in the City with the goal of honoring veterans from a regional perspective, in an actual park. It will also have the distinction of reclaiming and restoring a decommissioned landfill that has sat vacant since 1972 into a beautiful riverfront recreational property.
Veterans Memorial Park will afford our community the opportunity to celebrate our rich heritage and will include the following:

  1. A place where loved ones can be individually remembered with a personalized brick, bench, or tree. A "Walk of Honor" will be installed and maintained.
  2. It will be Educational, with interactive Kiosks that will tell the story of Quad City area veterans in American military history.
  3. It is in the plans to have an Eternal Flame to honor our veterans 24/7.
  4. It will be a park with the space and grounds (43 acres) to have a ceremonial field, military demonstrations, and celebrations. This park will be especially meaningful for people to gather and celebrate on holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day.
  5. A River Overlook with beautiful views of the Mississippi River, downtown Davenport and Rock Island.
  6. Five special Commemorative Walls with Flags to represent each branch of the service.
  7. A Ceremonial Chime will provide an auditory element as a means of evoking more of an experience that appeals to all 5 senses.
  8. Trees – planted in a “rank and file formation” will create a formalistic grid, lined up in perfect formation much like a military formation. Strategic gaps in the tree canopy grid will symbolically honor those missing or fallen veterans.
  9. Strategic use of Lighting will enhance the features in the evening while providing site security.
  10. Expanded Bike Trails with river access and large green areas will be provided.
  11. Possible plans include Military Artifacts, such as a tank, jeep, helicopter, artillery weapons and maybe even an old military airplane. Things that kids can actually see and touch.

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Site Map

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Overhead view of the Metro Quad Cities


Veterans Memorial Park sign