Veterans Memorial Park sign


Present Friends of Veterans Memorial Park Committee members as of April 2022:

Bill Churchill Army President
* Myron Lensch Air Force Vice President
Dave Jones Navy Secretary
* Scott Pettis Coast Guard Treasurer
Wayne Kraft Army Trustee
Lyle Peterson Army Member

Davenport City Staff Involved in the Project

Chad Dyson Director of Davenport Parks & Recreation
Mike Matson Mayor
Zach Peterson City Engineer

Charter members of the Friends of Veterans Memorial Park Committee

David Jensen Air Force
Sean Eckhardt Iowa Army Nat'l Guard
* Scott Pettis Coast Guard
Jerry Dirth Marine Corps
Bob Brooks Army
James Fluker Army
Al Johnston Marine Corps
David Woods Army
* Myron Lensch Air Force
Tiffany Hunt Iowa Army Nat'l Guard
Nancy Koepke Navy
Bill Ashton Army

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Recognition plaque for the park embedded inside a rock

site map

Site Map

Site Map

CloseProposed plan for Veterans Memorial Park
Overhead view of the Metro Quad Cities


Veterans Memorial Park sign