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To all my Veteran Brothers and Sisters in the Quad Cities;

Here on the banks of the majestic Mississippi we have a relatively new jewel in the crown we all call home. It is Veterans Memorial Park located where Marquette Street meets the Mississippi River. The location is ideal and pristine. Situated just west of the Centennial Bridge and like the bridge, it allows for the blending of Illinois and Iowa’s past, present and our collective futures.

Veterans Memorial Park is a living symbol to all those that have served. From the plowboys, bankers, shopkeepers and others that left to preserve the Union during the Civil War to our newest Veterans in the War on Terror, we say Welcome Home and Thank You for serving this Great Nation at an immeasurable human cost. A Gold Star in an American Veteran’s Family window represents a life lost to war in America. It is the universal symbol signifying someone has given up all of his or her tomorrows for your today.

We have ambitious plans for Veterans Memorial Park. We want it to educate, honor Veterans and be a place of community gathering. It is meant to host a family picnic as well as be a public meeting place to pay tribute to our fallen heroes. It is designed to be a living testament to all who have served and those that are currently serving. It is intended to inspire and send a message to our young men and women; each one of you can make a difference in the preservation of freedom. The Memorial will long remain a tangible reminder that Veterans’ sacrifices will be remembered; their deeds honored by a grateful community. Quad Cities, USA, comprises a citizenry that is joined by the Mighty Mississippi River.

Please take a moment and visit our park’s web site – www.FOVMP.ORG - and see the virtual planning that details our strategies and goals. We hope that you will be as motivated as we are and will consider making a donation, no amount too small. It is our intension to make this the premiere Veteran Memorial in the Mid West region.

As Veterans, when we served our country, we did so with Honor. Today, we ask that this Honor be preserved for our children and for generations of residents of the Quad Cities in the future.

To forget our Veterans, is to lose our history. To honor our Veterans is to preserve our history.

Bill Albracht – Quad Cities Vietnam Veteran and Friend of the Veterans Memorial Park

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Veterans Memorial Park sign